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Tournament Shark Review

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Tournament Shark offers ‘legal’ tournament opponent information that is simply not available anywhere else. If you’re a tournament player, who plays at PokerStars, you need to get this activation code immediately. Tournament Shark provides valuable information about your opponent, while you play. At a glance you will get your opponents overall win/loss performance in tournament play, stats on when they exit the tournament (good for spotting Meteors), and other unique tidbits. Tournament Shark is a bargain at its current price level. Tournament Shark is on Poker Stars approved software list.

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Torunament Poker Tools - Tournament Shark

Software Features
Unique offer, for its purpose, all relevant stats are present
Display Readability
Concise but large footprint
Install and Service
Clean Install, Prompt Updates
Free Offer - Activation
Activation Code system Straight forward