Are you interested in improving your poker game? Do you want to learn how to win at Texas Hold’em easier? If so, this article might be able to help.

Poker solvers are a type of software that are designed for players who want an edge over their opponents in online poker. These types of programs have been known to give players better chances at winning by providing them with more information than they would normally have access through observation alone.

What is a Poker Solver?

A poker solver offers optimal solutions to a specific scenario. Poker solvers aim to give users a better understanding of complex scenarios by providing solutions or explanations as well as information on optimal cards to hold based off the scenario you are presented.

How to Use Poker Solvers?

Online poker players should analyze the given situation, check the data, and decide with the help of a poker solver. Poker solvers are a great tool that can assist players in making optimal decisions. Poker solvers should be used as a guideline to help the player make better choices, but it is up to the player to make the final decision.

Poker solvers offer information and advice on how to proceed in a poker hand while poker solvers take data and apply math to give you the most optimal decision on how to proceed in a poker hand. They are not absolutely perfect, but they are one of the most advanced applications for poker players.

They are simple to use, but you should familiarize yourself with all of their features before using them in a real game situation. Poker solvers take huge amounts of data and process it to give you clear solutions on how to proceed in your game.


How to Start Using Solvers?

Poker solvers are simple to use, but you should study everything that you can about all of their features before using them in a real game situation. Before you start to use poker calculators or poker solvers, make sure that you have some experience playing the game in itself. These types of programs are best used by players who know what they are doing.

After obtaining or purchasing a poker solver license, study the software – there are even tutorial videos or online courses teaching how to use them. However, the best way to learn how to use a poker solver is by actually using it. Poker solvers can take lots of time to get used to, so make sure that you are patient with yourself as you learn how to use them for your benefit.

It’s simple! Solvers provide optimal solutions or explanations, then the user should decide how to act, using the information provided.

Study GTO – Game Theory Optimal

The GTO or “Game Theory Optimal” strategy is a no-limit holdem playing style that has been demonstrated to be virtually unbeatable by opponents while improving your winrate.

The GTO style of playing is a complex system that aims to make you the perfect poker player. It does this by finding your optimal raising, betting and calling frequencies in every situation possible with an emphasis on folding correctly so you are always unexploitable when playing with this technique!

Mapping Out Responses

Most poker solvers will allow for you to map out the possible responses your opponents could have depending on what you do.

This can be useful when you are looking at a very tough decision that isn’t one of those “obvious” easy decisions that need to be made simply by feel or experience, but nonetheless it still needs an answer.

The Nodelock Function

The nodelock function helps to find the most profitable line of play. The “nodelock” is a frequently used poker calculator that “locks in” preflop ranges or hands for you as your opponent makes decisions throughout the rest of the hand.

Different Poker Solver Brands

There are a number of different brands and models made available by different companies. Some of the brands that are popular include:


GTO+ is a very popular poker solver and online poker calculator. This is one of the most used online poker programs available today.

The software is constantly being improved and updated by developers. When a new update or feature is added, users are notified immediately through the GTO+ Poker Calculator’s notification message system.


PioSolver is a very powerful poker solver that is used by the majority of online poker players. This is a great tool for players who like to play at high stakes and want better chances of winning.

This solver has a super fast run time and allows users to quickly optimize their strategies without sacrificing speed.

Simple Postflop

Simple Postflop takes data from your hand and predicts all of the opponent’s possible responses based on how they played in previous hands, their style, etc.

There are many different settings that can be changed with this poker calculator application to help you create the most suitable solution for your situation.

Monker Solver

Monker Solver is an easy to use poker solver program that has many amazing features. This program is great for beginners and even the most advanced users.

Monker Solver is easy to use and has a step-by-step process that ensures users get the most out of their poker calculator.


When Were Poker Solvers Invented?

The current form of poker solvers were popularized around 2015, but GTO theory, solver use and poker strategies are somewhat older.

Are Poker Solvers Cheating?

Poker solvers are not cheating. Many poker advocates would argue that they actually contribute to the game instead of diminishing the experience. They give players an advantage, but many people argue that it’s just another way for individuals to improve their skills.

These types of programs are not considered cheating because they do not offer any assistance to help you cheat at poker. They only provide guidelines on optimal moves and the best cards to hold based off an analysis of your game.

However, using a poker solver can be considered against house rules, depending on the terms of service at your online poker room. In most cases, casino AUPs – “Acceptable use policy” disclose about the use of such poker software tools and whether they accept them or not. Poker solvers are legal to use in most cases.

Are Poker Solvers Illegal?

What repercussions are expected in case of an illegal poker solver use?

When it comes to using a poker solver, the legality of it comes down to individual corporate policies.

Poker solvers are not illegal unless they are being used in a way that is against the company’s, that is, the casino’s policies. Always read the small letters. Ultimately, it is up to each company to decide whether or not using a poker solver falls under their “acceptable use policy.”

Is There a Poker Solver App?

Yes, for example Poker Solver+ is a poker solver app.

Poker Solver+ is available for Iphone devices. Poker Solver+ app includes detailed guidelines on how to conduct yourself when using an internet poker solver program. Some poker solvers are free but there are also paid options available, like this app.

In your pocket, you’ll have access to a GTO postflop search helper and a poker engine AI solver that will help you understand other players’ tendencies.

Reasons for Using Poker Solvers

The main reason players use poker solvers is to stop making decisions based off of irrelevant factors. Players tend to decide on what move to make by focusing on irrelevant details that don’t necessarily correlate with winning or losing.

By relying on a poker solver, the player will no longer have to rely on anything but math and probability.


Closing Thoughts About Poker Solvers

There are many things that have to be considered when determining if poker solvers are beneficial for your own game.

Poker players should consider the fact that there is no substitute for experience, knowledge and skill because these components come with time spent at online poker tables by yourself. Poker solver programs can provide you with useful information to make better decisions during online poker play, but they should not be viewed as a replacement for good poker strategy and good judgement.

My personal view is that poker solvers are useful tools that can definitely help you make better decisions in certain situations (provided you use them correctly), but I would never advise relying on them to the point of excluding proper analysis of the situation.

The Most Important Facts to Know About Poker Solvers

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