Poker players are always looking for new ways to improve their game and win more money – but what if there was an easier way? With a poker HUD, just one click of the mouse could give you all the info needed for making your next move in no time!

‘HUD’ stands for Heads Up Display. Poker HUDs are graphical representations of player’s hands, which can be used to make decisions on whether or not to continue playing. A poker HUD is a tool that gives you all the information you need about your opponents’ hands at any given time, allowing you to make better strategic decisions.

What is a HUD in Online Poker?

A poker HUD is an online poker tool that displays stats about your opponents, allowing you to predict their cards and hand-range. Although it’s hard to say with certainty, many people consider HUDs as a replacement for hand-reading.

HUDs help to analyze how your opponents are playing, what hands they have and the overall strength of their range. HUD displays key pieces of information at a glance – usually in the form of tables, charts or graphs.

Are Poker Huds Legal?

HUDs are legal in most major poker sites. HUDs are not illegal, but they can be used to gain an unfair advantage over your opponents. Some Terms of Service allows you to use the HUD software for analysis purposes only, and prohibits players from using them as a cheating tool.

Some sites don’t allow the use of Poker Huds, but this is very rare.


Are There any Free Poker HUDs?

A poker HUD is a commercial product that can be bought in online software stores. What’s even better, the best free poker huds are now available online for you to download and try out!

PokerTracker 4 freeware version displays hand ranges on each opponent’s profile so that you know what to expect from your opponents.

What is the Best Poker HUD?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to poker HUDs. The best hud for you will depend on the features that are most important to your game, and your personal playing style.

As you can see, poker HUDs are programs that display players’ hands at the table. They can help you make better decisions with regards to bluffing, folding, pushing all-in etc. It is an alternative to reading your opponents’ hands yourself, which some players find harder than it may seem.

There are several types of poker HUDs out there, and everyone has a different taste. The most popular ones include Hold’em Manager, Pokertracker 4 and Poker Office.

Which poker HUD is the best? Well, that’s up to you! This software comes in many shapes and forms so choose carefully one that is most efficient.

How Much Does a Poker HUD Cost?

A poker HUD does not cost much, so it is definitely worth checking out. Besides, if you win more money with your new tool – you will be able to recoup your investment.

New players can use that chance to test drive some of the best free poker hud software and see if it is suitable for their game or not, so you can always find a perfect poker hud software online with a trial version.

The cost of poker HUDs ranges from free to hundreds of dollars, but the majority of them can be purchased within the price range of 50$ to 100$.


How Do You Set Up a HUD in Poker?

Setting up a poker HUD is a very easy task. All you will need to do is download it from the Internet, install the software and then customize the setup options according to your preferences.

After the purchase and the download, open the poker client and play on any table you wish. Once the table has been selected, open the poker HUD and wait for a new window to open.

Once connected, login. If everything is done correctly, you should now be able to see the hand range displayed on each player’s profile.

HUDs are a must have tool for serious poker players. It is the quickest and most convenient way for assessing your game, without having to do it all manually.

Aside from Poker Tracker 4 freeware version, there are also other options you can consider. The best poker huds come with many different features that allow you to tweak them in order to display exactly what information you want to receive.

A poker HUD is an important tool for players who like using statistics and probabilities as a source of information for making better poker decisions.

Important HUD Stats

If you are planning on using a poker HUD, then it is important to take note of the following stats:

  • 3Bet
  • Agg
  • Attempt to Steal LP
  • Attempt to Steal SB
  • Cbet Flop
  • Fold to 3Bet
  • Fold to Flop Cbet
  • Fold to LP Steal
  • Fold to SB Steal
  • Fold to Turn Cbet
  • PFR
  • Turn Cbet
  • VP$IP

Benefits of Poker Huds

As the use of poker HUDs is expanding, so are the number of benefits that come with it. Once you start using one of these tools, you will not want to stop!

Ability to Take Advantage of Other Players

HUDs are very useful in the game of poker. The use of poker HUDs allows you to exploit your opponents’ weaknesses. With the information they provide, you have a very good chance of being able to outwit them during the game.

Playing at Multiple Tables Simultaenously

You can use poker HUDs to manage multiple online poker tables at once, without slowing down the game significantly. The software will display your opponents’ hands analysis on each table, allowing you to make a better decision about your next move.


Ability to Analyze Your Own Game

You can use a poker hud to analyze your game and see if you are making any mistakes. Errors severely limit the winnings that you could be making during each game.

As poker HUDs’ popularity is growing, more and more players are starting to realize the benefits of using one in order to make better decisions while playing at their favorite online casinos.

Ultimately, using a poker hud is well worth the time, effort and money.

Downsides of Using a Poker HUD

If you are still thinking of purchasing a HUD, you should take some time to look at the potential downsides. Although they can be very useful for any poker player – there are some worries that players normally have.

Using Poker HUDs May Demotivate You

Many players decide to stop using a HUD after a short period of time, because they feel that they are not as good as the other players without one. This feeling can cause them to leave poker altogether.

You Can’t Use a HUD in Live Environment

Most casinos do not allow the use of software on their gaming machines. If you decide to play in a live casino, you will have to sit at a poker table without using a HUD.

Although most online casinos accept the use of HUDs, there are also some that do not allow it.

Making A Solely Percentage Based Decision

It is important to note that using poker HUDs should never take away your ability to make a decision based on percentages. Instead, it can help you learn more about the game and increase your skills.

Poker HUDs are not perfect, but they do tend to vastly simplify poker analysis. They work best when combined with the player’s own experience and game sense.


Poker HUDs are an essential part of every online poker player’s arsenal. They provide information on the pot odds, hand strength and their opponents’ tendencies to help poker players make better decisions about whether or not they should stay in a game.

By choosing and studying at least one good poker hud for your favorite games, you can improve your chances of winning significantly!

What are Poker HUDs?

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