In this article, you’re going to find out what software some of the best online poker players in the world use when they play. Poker software tools allow players to create customised playing style profiles and to use this information for gambling purposes.

Online poker software tools help players make better decisions, and to do that they must be properly understood. They are often used by poker professionals to track their opponents’ playing patterns and identify weaknesses in their play that can be exploited. Heads-up displays and odds calculators are such tools.

What Software Do Online Poker Pros Use?

Online poker pros use many different types of software to get the edge over their opponents. Some more proficient online pros also create their own software to give themselves an even bigger edge over their competition.

Certain online poker rooms accept players tracking software that can be used with real money play. Some examples are Holdem Manager and PokerTracker. There are also a few third party providers that have products that will work with online poker sites, such as Holdem Indicator.

Poker rooms also offer a variety of tutorials and training videos to help players improve their skills. Some online poker rooms have help sections to assist players with any questions or problems they might have. Some sites offer free lessons on the basics of the game, as well as offering help on becoming a better player.

These software tools allow players to track their play over time. They can help show things like win-rates for different types of hands, how often the player is stealing blinds/antes/limping, potential ranges that a player has in certain situations, what type of hero call they make, and much more.

These tools are good for players that like to review their play after playing many hands to see where they could have made better choices or played a certain hand differently. The software also offers an easy way keep track of lifetime results so the user can get a feel for how well they do overall in different situations.


HUDs – Heads-Up Displays

A HUD (Heads-Up Display) in real-time strategy game is used to keep track of various statistics in multiplayer games. This consists of a rectangular screen with numbers and figures constantly changing on it. Heads up displays offer many benefits such as faster processing and increased use of information.

In poker games, HUDs are becoming increasingly popular as a way of giving the player advanced information about their opponents. This not only helps them have an advantage over other players but also makes it easier for them to review each opponent’s playing style and habits.

Poker Solvers

Some modern poker pros rely on Poker Solvers to determine which hands to play and when.

These apps employ complex algorithms and data analysis to give expert recommendations on every situation in Texas Hold’em. They can even be customized to the player’s specific information and playing style.

Odds Calculators

Odds calculators are interactive tools that are used to determine the chance of an event happening. Odds calculators are often used to check out your chances of winning something, such as winnings on a lottery, a poker game or what you would have won if you bet on a player in a sports championship game.

It’s important to note that these odds calculators do not actually calculate the odds of something happening, but rather allow you to calculate what your chances are statistically given certain scenarios.

Other Online Poker Software Tools

Other online poker software tools containing third party data are available to players to utilize in the playing of poker games.

Datamining tools are a gold mine for any player who wants to improve their game. These hand grabbers allow you, without actually playing the poker game in question to analyze the game. Gameplay information is recorded and players can store it in a file so that people can use analysis programs on them.

Are Poker Software Legal?

Poker HUDs are a great way to improve your online poker game, but many players wonder if poker software are legal. The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that poker software and other HUDs are legal to use on almost all online poker sites.

As an online poker player, it’s your right to be able to use a Heads Up Display or Poker Tracker as part of your home game preparation. There is no such thing as “cheating” when it comes to using one of these diagnostic programs because poker trackers are tools to help you play better poker.

It used to be that using a HUD would get you banned from online poker sites, but the times have changed and now there are many available options for all players looking to use them at their favorite rooms.

However, there are still some sites that will not allow players to use them. Poker huds legality can vary depending on various factors at different poker rooms. The terms of service will usually disclose its policy regarding HUDs.

The legality of using a poker HUD may vary depending on the type of game you’re playing, and players should read the „acceptable use policy” (AUP) before using such a software.

Do Online Poker Players Use Software?

The popularity of online poker has led to opponents of the game claiming that poker software is rife with cheating, collusion, and use of unfair tools. One tool in particular that opponents have targeted are “poker huds” – software specifically designed to help players manage their online poker playing time more effectively. These huds track everything from how often a player is dealt a particular hand to how often opponents fold.

In the minds of some opponents, these huds violate the human element even though there has never been a recorded instance of a player actually getting an unfair advantage from a poker hud.

Poker Tracking Software Features

Whether you are looking to use the best poker software tools in order to improve your online poker game or just want to have some fun with them, there are features available in most HUDs that can help you achieve these goals. Some of the more common ones include:

  • Hand-tracking: This feature allows for tracking of every hand dealt at any table. You can track hand histories and learn how to play them better.
  • Automatic hands sorting: This feature allows you to sort poker hands automatically, based on strategies that you input. It is software that helps determine the best way to play certain types of online poker hands, regardless of what your opponent may be holding.
  • Player-tracking: This feature can be used to estimate your opponent’s playing style. Some players may be more aggressive than others, and this feature can reveal their playing tendencies to you so that you can adjust accordingly.

Online Poker Software Tools

Online Poker Schools

Learning to play perfect is impossible even for the very best. However, you can learn to play better after each deal, with the help of software tools.

You can study basic poker strategy, learn to play Omaha or just read about the latest deals that happened at high stakes games.

You can improve your skills, train and become a better player. These poker software tools will help any level of online poker players to get the most out of their poker experience. Also, these programs allow you to use statistics in order to make decisions. You need good results in order to build confidence and keep playing at higher levels.

The first step towards being a better player is learning from those who have more experience. If you constantly lose, you definitely need some help and these tools can be a solution.

Closing Thoughts About Online Poker Software Tools

Poker software tools are not necessarily illegal and can actually be extremely helpful to people who want to play better poker. Pros of these programs include improved performance, the ability to keep more accurate records, and even a wide range of customizability options.

With so many possibilities it’s no wonder that more and more people are making the switch to online poker software.