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Are Online Poker Tools and Poker Software legal?

What is the definition of an Online Poker Tool, an Online Poker Tool Calculator, an Online Poker Tracker?

How Does Online Poker Tool Rank?

Are Online Poker Tools, Poker Software legal?

Yes. The difference between a legal Online Poker Tool or Poker Software, and an illegal Robot, is the tool does not break any rules set forth by the major Poker Rooms. The Major Poker Rooms are most concerned with a) robot play - play where no human intervention occurs - a 'robot' plays the game, b) data mining - where play is recorded and the player is not present, c) collusion - two or more players at one table communicate un-known to the rest of the table. The legality of software run during play is outlined in the Terms and Conditions of the poker room. For example - Party Poker's T & Cs concerning Robots (opens in a new window). Also Poker Stars has a prohibited and allowed poker tool list that can be seen here.

What is the definition of an Online Poker Tool, an Online Poker Tool Calculator, an Online Poker Tracker?

Online Poker Tools are any Legal assistants that help You play Online Poker.The software assists while playing, or for pre and post play analysis.

An Online Poker Tool Calculator is an additional software program, run during play, that provides additional relevant information such as Hand Probabilities, Pot Odds, Outs, etc.

An Online Poker Tracker is a additional software program, run before/during/after play, that provides information that facilitates trend tracking which may be used to improve play.

What platforms are Online Poker Tools available for?

At the start of the poker boom, Online Poker Tools, much like poker rooms themselves, were only available for PCs.

However, once the popularity of hand held devices such as smartphones and tablets reached a certain point, most poker rooms as well as online casinos couldn't ignore the trend any longer and started offering their services on Android and iPhone devices, too. Soon thereafter, apps like Poker Manager or Poker Income Tracker started appearing.

Most poker rooms and online casinos are available not only on PCs and Macs, but also on Android and iPhone devices. The same goes for Online Poker Tools.

How Does Online Poker Tool Rank?

We've found through over thousands of hands of testing what we feel are the most important features of Online Poker Tools. With this said, comparative ranking is very subjective. Below is a list of what we found to be most important in our opinion. You may or may not agree. However use this list to further understand our rankings so you may better decide what is best for you.

Calculator Rankings


Player Win Probability Core
Pot Odds Core
Total Outs Core
Player Hand Improvement Core
Opponent Hand Probability Core
Card Memory Core
Card Ranking Nice
Sklansky Ranking Nice
Tie Probability Break Out Nice
Opponent Stats Nice
Mucked Hand Display Nice
Equity Value Nice
Textual Advice Nice
Adjustable Textual Advice Nice
Manual Calculator Nice
Odds of Best Hand on Flop Nice
Auto Attach Nice

Calculator Ranking Note - The Calculator category is extremely competitive. Rather then crowding the top 5 with similar software, software was selected to represent outstanding feature differences.

Tracker Rankings
Criteria Importance
Ring / Tournament Capability Mandatory
Starting Hand Tracking Mandatory
Play by Position Mandatory
Track All Opponents Nice
Player Notes Nice
Auto Read Nice
Replay Hands/Sessions/Tourney Nice
HUD Nice

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